Things to Do in Phoenix

Phoenix and Scottsdale’s temperate climate allows for outdoor recreation almost year round. Within the metro Phoenix is a mecca of golf courses, hiking trails, urban running trails, pools, waterparks, tennis courts, outdoor concerts and so much more. Check out our event calendar to see what organized events are going on while you’re here. Phoenix often hosts fun marathons, themed pub crawls and random shenanigans. We also highly recommend driving up north any time of the year (and especially during the summer!) Northern Arizona offers unmatched recreational treasures. From swimming holes and kayaking to skiing, fishing, hiking the Grand Canyon or yoga on a red rock vortex, driving a short distance towards northern Arizona is a must if you’re looking for outdoor recreation.

If being outdoors isn’t your thing, worry not! There are just as many things to do indoors as there is outdoors. From shopping and museums to ice-skating rings, arcades, movie theaters, indoor racquetball courts, bowling and arts and crafts classes, there’s always something to do here!

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You’ll want to make time to see some of Phoenix and Scottsdale’s rare, if not unique, attractions such as the Desert Botanical Gardens and Tallesian by famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Arcosanti II created by Paolo Soleri. Arcosanti, a one of a kind, self-sustainable, urban community is located just a 40 minute drive north of Phoenix. Other attractions like the Phoenix Zoo, Rawhide Old West Town, and the Musical Art Museum all offer interactive experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’re ready to explore beyond metro Phoenix, visit Tombstone near Tucson, Arizona or head towards northern Arizona and experience a Sedona vortex or even the Grand Grand Canyon. Arizona is full of natural treasures unknown to most people outside of the state. Check out our other Arizona Travel websites if you plan on venturing outside of the city.

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Although Arizona is known for Southwestern art, the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas also have a thriving modern and avant grade art and music scenes. If you are looking for Southwestern art, Old Town Scottsdale is where you’ll want to go. Everything from cowboy art and Native American jewelry, to High Sonoran sunset photographs can be found in these shops and galleries.

Downtown Phoenix is where you’ll find the hub of Arizona art and culture. Here you can experience the Phoenix Modern Art Museum, Heard Museum, Arizona Science Center and dozens of art galleries all within walking distance of restaurants, theaters, music venues, coffee shops and street entertainers. Enjoy eccentric boutiques, hidden music venues and delicious culinary creations when exploring the downtown Phoenix area.

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When planning your visit to Phoenix and Scottsdale, knowing what area of the cities you’ll want to spend time in can save you time and money in transportation. There are several areas of metro Phoenix worth checking out when exploring the urban lifestyle, but truth be told, they’re not all close to each other. The urban sprawl of the city resulted several key areas or neighborhoods to stand out as “the place to be” - just depending on what you’re interested in and what you enjoy.

Dress up and head down to Old Town Scottsdale to experience nightlife like you’ve never experienced before. Scottsdale has a nightlife scene that people from around the country come to experience. What makes it so special? You’ll just have to experience it for yourself. Dress to impress and see where the night takes you.

For a more toned down evening of class and creativity, the Arcadia, Downtown and Midtown Phoenix areas will fit your speed. Here’s you’ll find cocktails, crafted brews amongst art, music and hopefully some riveting conversation. From passionate Flamenco shows on rooftops to undiscovered music at a speakeasy, Phoenix is sure to surprise you.

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